Construction Materials and Robotics

Di­­pl. Ing. - Arch. Thorsten Kloost­­er | Lec­­ture Fo­rum Zukunft BAU | Von der Vi­­son in die Praxis | BAU 2017 | Fo­rum B0 | Tue Jan­uary, 17, 2017 at 12:00 a.m | "Build­ing Ma­te­rials and Robotics"

Plot-Bot: The DysCrete Façade Robot and fur­ther in­­­for­­ma­­tion about DysCrete - So­lar Con­crete

With si­­moul­­ta­ne­ous tran­s­la­­tion in­­­to En­glish.

Down­load pro­gramme: www.forschungsini­tia­­grammfo­rumb0

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Bau Mu­nich 2017, FO­RUM B0